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Hospital Toy Drive Update

Hello everyone! Today, I am giving you guys an update on my post from a few days ago about the Amazon Wish List for the hospital that I stayed in during my surgery.

The wish list toy buying has been going great so far! Ever since my last post, 45 unique items were bought to help 45 kids who will be in the hospital over Christmas. This was only done thanks to your help and your support, so thank you very much!

There is still a lot of items that need to be purchased off the list for the hospital kids' Christmas. Clearing the list is my goal, but we're so close to helping 50 kids, and 100 isn't far behind after that! If we could get to 50 by the end of tomorrow, that would mean the world to me. Here's the link:

Please donate and share the link with your friends so they can donate as well! Thank you all very much!

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