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I Don't Understand American Girl...

I don't understand American Girl. Or rather, their decision to rehash dolls and call them "limited edition".

This problem started with Marisol. We have Marisol, who hasn't been sold in fifteen years.

Actually, she hasn't been sold in a year.

American Girl reused her for the limited edition exclusive holiday collector doll last year.

The problem continued with Just Like You 86. A brand new Truly Me who was only released this year...

Or a limited edition doll with added makeup?

Pretty much, this post was made in my confusion of the doll reusing that AG has been doing for their so-called "holiday limited collector dolls". Because Marisol is Marisol, the exclusive doll is Marisol, 86 is 86 and the exclusive doll is 86. It's weird.

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