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I Still Miss You, Bella

I still remember April 6, 2018 like it was yesterday. I was recently diagnosed with scoliosis, and my mother signed me up for pilates classes to strengthen my back. That day, I was just getting dressed up for class when I found out the news: Bella from @thenookdolls passed away from cancer. I started sobbing, and it was really hard to hold all my feelings in during class. After class, I just cried and cried and cried. I couldn't believe it, and I still can't. She was only 15- my age now. She didn't deserve this. No one did, especially someone that young.

I still remember the only time we met. It was at the 2017 AG Benefit Sale, when I was waiting in line and I saw her. I waved, and she said hi and recognized me from AGIG. She was always so kind to me, even though we didn't talk much. I wish we talked more.

Now, it's been two years without Bella Muntean, and it still hurts. I started crying when I realized what day it was, and it's been hard to do my schoolwork today. Because I miss her, and I wish that cancer wasn't so terrible to take the lives of people like Bella, and another girl I befriended during my Girl Scout cookie sales, and all the children and teenagers who didn't get to live their lives due to it.

Rest in peace, Bella. I still miss you.

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