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Information on New American Girl Truly Me Dolls

As we get closer to next month's rumored release of new Truly Me dolls, more rumors and information is coming out about the dolls. Here it is!

DISCLAIMER: Posting leaked images of any kind before an item's official release date is against AGDN policy due to legal issues. Please refrain from commenting photos, links to photos or any other media with leaked items. Your support will keep AGDN running for years to come. Thank you!

  • There will be at least four new Truly Me dolls, numbered 125, 126, 127 and 128.

  • One of the new Truly Me dolls will be the revealed revamped Truly Me #88, with pink-and-blue colored hair.

  • 128 is rumored to have the Josefina mold, medium skin, freckles, brown eyes and black hair.

  • 128 is also rumored to have a new meet outfit - a purple dress.

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Lauren M.
Lauren M.
Jan 09

AG made a TikTok with 109 in the new outfit I believe!


I am wondering about what the new revamped 88 looks like and other dolls and where is the red haired boy doll in this release


I was wondering if Molly is being cubed. She is limited quantity online and not in most stores. Her entire collection seems to be on sale.


How about DIMPLES --My Grand Daughter (6 yr. old) has Dimples and I would Love to get one for her ---Any of the Dolls would be Amazing with DIMPLES


I wonder if they are going to keep up with the new face mold order when releasing new dolls. The current order is Classic, Addy, Josefina, Jess, Sonali, Marie-Grace, Nanea, Joss, Makena, then Corinne (which is the order from first to last when each of the face molds were released). So, if 128 is a Josefina, does that mean that 125-127 have to be either Classic, Addy or Josefina's? We know one of them is a Classic, but what about the other two? I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'm excited for the new outfit too.

Also, I'd be soooo excited if they put a Kaya mold in the TM lineup (TM 129 please!), but definitely as a…

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