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Information on New American Girl Truly Me Dolls

As we get closer to next month's rumored release of new Truly Me dolls, more rumors and information is coming out about the dolls. Here it is!

DISCLAIMER: Posting leaked images of any kind before an item's official release date is against AGDN policy due to legal issues. Please refrain from commenting photos, links to photos or any other media with leaked items. Your support will keep AGDN running for years to come. Thank you!

  • There will be at least four new Truly Me dolls, numbered 125, 126, 127 and 128.

  • One of the new Truly Me dolls will be the revealed revamped Truly Me #88, with pink-and-blue colored hair.

  • 128 is rumored to have the Josefina mold, medium skin, freckles, brown eyes and black hair.

  • 128 is also rumored to have a new meet outfit - a purple dress.

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