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Is Joss Kendrick Retiring Soon?

The short answer: probably yes.

American Girl has been doing some sales lately, and one of these recent sales was targeted towards the Girl of the Year collections. This led AGDN reader HamiltrashPotato to wonder if Joss was going to be retired soon, and after doing some investigation (both mentally and on AG's site), it is extremely likely that Joss will be retiring soon.

Exhibit 1: GOTY Retirement Times.

When Gabriela retired, she retired 2 years after debut, which made me honestly think that was going to be the norm for Girls of the Year going forward. Then 2019 ended, and Luciana, Girl of the Year 2018 did not retire. 2020 ended, and Luciana was not gone! Luciana finally retired in September 2021 after three years and nine months of availability, and Blaire Wilson, Girl of the Year 2019, followed in December 2021 after two years and eleven months.

Joss has been available for two years and roughly four months, so it makes sense to consider her retirement, especially considering that Luciana and Blaire's availability could have been extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of an in-person MCM Benefit Sale.

However, one thing was common for the Girls of the Year that retired within two years or longer... when they were about to retire, their collections thinned out.

Exhibit B: A Thinning Collection.

The last time we checked up on Joss's collection, the same items were available: Joss doll, accessories, AG Rewards items, grill, surfboard, cheer practice outfit. However, the items that were on sale are now sold out, and the books are at a heavier discount.

It's very likely that AG is trying to make Joss's collection sell out so they can retire her. What do you think, guys?

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