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Is Rebecca Rubin Being Cubed? An Investigation

I got a comment from AGDN reader Kat telling me that Rebecca was under "limited quantities" and asked me if she was going to be cubed. I decided to check the situation on Rebecca's page out to see if she is, and to be honest, I think she will be. I have four reasons as to why.

  1. On American Girl's website, not only is the Rebecca doll under limited quantities, but a few items in her already-small collection are under limited quantities. There are only 11 items left, and 3 - the doll, Hanukkah outfit, and bed and bedding - are under limited quantities. Besides that, only her nightgown, menorah, kittens, Sabbath set, parlor table and accessories are available. The Parlor table is no longer available in stores, the Sabbath and Menorah sets are unavailable in all stores except the flagships and the nightgown isn't available in New York.

2. Rebecca hasn't been featured in AG marketing as much as she used to. She was removed from the American Girl Live tour for the 2023 tour, which kicks off next month, and she hasn't been promoted as much as she was back in 2019, when the historical line was relaunched and Rebecca was one of the core 6.

3. The American Girl store is starting to run out of space for new characters. Kaya doesn't even have a full display in the Charlotte store anymore because there are only 8 cases and they are all full - Rebecca, Claudie, Nanea, Maryellen, Melody, Julie, Courtney and Isabel/Nicki, and Molly and Kit have their own sections off on the side. If AG cubes Rebecca, Kaya can have her old spot back, and AG can make room for new characters.

4. Rebecca isn't the only Jewish Historical character anymore. While Nicki and Isabel are interfaith, they both are part Jewish and the opening of their book releasing new month has been confirmed to delve deeper into their Hanukkah celebrations. When Melody released as the second African American character in the BeForever lineup, Addy was cubed around that time because she wasn't the only one anymore, so I can see a similar situation happening with Rebecca.

What do you all think?

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