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Kirsten Larson Coming Back?

In recent years, American Girl has reintroduced a certain historical character to the lineup in the spring or summer, along with some of their original collection. Molly came back in 2022, while Kit returned in 2023 for her 100th birthday. This year, however, rumors are starting to circulate that Kirsten Larson will be coming back sometime in 2024!

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Yes, we want it back.


Feb 02

I hope she does come back, I have one but it's not quite as new as I prefer. it's close but not quite lol.


I think this is true. I knew we should all still consider these rumors about Kirsten coming back. I'm going to theorize that she is coming back around June, which is her birthday, similar to how Kit was rereleased on her birthday last year. I think she may release from about three to six months from now. There was a previous post about some special releases regarding the historical characters. The rerelease of Kirsten is probably one of them. Another guess is that all the pre-Beforever historical characters will revert back to their original meet outfits. We might be getting other new items for the historicals such as books. We could also be reverting back to the original six-book format.


I’d speculate that they’re coming back in reverse historical order, so I’d imagine more Samantha stuff first (I do think they oversaturated her a lot, but I can’t imagine them not pulling out all the stops as she seems to be their iconic character). I’d prefer Kirsten this time around, mind you!


Kirsten back! That is the best news. It is about time!

Marilyn and Marion

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