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Kirsten's Coming Back After All???

Okay, so remember a couple months ago when I shared an email someone on the AG Reddit got from AG saying Kirsten wouldn't be coming back? AG was joking.

I just heard from a reputable source on an American Girl fanboard (Mary Kate on AGPlaythings) that Kirsten is in fact, coming back. However, she will have "less items than expected", leaving me to believe that less of her items are going to be coming back than Molly's and Kit's.

I cannot wait for Kirsten's return! She's one of the only historicals I wasn't around in the AG fandom for (she retired 3 years before I became an AG fan and 4 years before I started AGDN), so it will be exciting to see her collection in stores in a way I have never before.

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Naming the user who posted that information puts them at risk and leads to them being less likely to share information in the future. You didn't ask her if it was okay to post what she wrote on your blog, and if you actually had like a decent person she would've said no. She could get into trouble for sharing that information before it's officially released, so why would you put her real name as the source? This is why we don't get any actual leaks anymore...


If Kirsten is coming back, I will get the updated version of her and might still keep the one I have, because I don't have her meet outfit and my Kirsten doll is used. I will get some of her collection. 😁


For those who don’t know, Mary Kate on AGPlaythings also said last year that Kit was as coming back and she did so this is possibly a reliable source.



I wonder what will happen to Singing Bird. I LOVED Singing Bird as a girl (and still do) but speculate that after 30+ years, some things about her might be considered racist and AG will pull them out of the story. I hope she won't be removed altogether! In fact, I'd love her to get her own story and be made into a doll! The last part won't happen, but I can dream....

Odpowiada osobie:

I’m right there with you. I think it would be amazing, probably won’t happen, but we can dream!


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YES! 😭 I'm so excited!!

Even if they do just re-release her birthday stuff, it would be worth it to get her two-toned boots. They're insanely expensive second-hand! Maybe we will see a re-release of her gray cat/kitten, too!

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