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Looking Back At Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey Theories

We’re over halfway through 2021, and that means the new Girl of the Year (or as the rumors say, 2 new Girls of the Year) is coming soon-ish! I haven’t done the Girl of the Year pattern theory like I did last year yet because I haven’t had time (and it seems like next year will be different), but I decided to look at my theories for Kira and see how accurate they were!

  1. Girl of the Year 2021 will be a creative-type doll.

This theory was inaccurate. Kira is more of an adventure-type, but in a different vein then Joss. Joss is sporty, but Kira likes animals.

2. Girl of the Year 2021 will have the Josefina mold and blue eyes.

Partially true. Kira does have the Josefina mold, but she has green eyes instead of blue.

3. Girl of the Year 2021 will have wavy or curly hair.

True! Kira has wavy hair.

4. Girl of the Year 2021 will visit a tropical destination and have an adventure.

Partially true. Australia isn’t tropical, but she did have an adventure there!

5. Girl of the Year 2021 will be adventurous and have an interest in animals.


6. Girl of the Year 2021 will have blonde hair.

True! Kira does have blonde hair.

7. Girl of the Year 2021 will be Japanese.

Inaccurate. This was a good theory, though, considering the Tokyo Olympics.

8. Girl of the Year 2021 will deal with climate change.

I was right! Kira’s stories did deal with climate change.

Most of the theories were actually right, which is pretty cool!

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