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Meet Isabel and Nicki!

Isabel and Nicki Hoffman are two fraternal twins in 1999 Seattle learning how to get along and embrace their own individual and shared "girl power". Here's a bit about each twin!

Isabel's girl-power goal is standing up for her own style.

Her favorite animal is a cat.

Like Nicki, her birthday is May 22.

She enjoys party planning.

She is afraid of heights.

Her hobbies are dancing and interior decoration.

Nicki's girl-power goal is conquering her fears.

Like Isabel, her birthday is May 22.

Her favorite animal is a dog.

She is afraid of the Y2K bug.

She is the best at skateboarding tricks.

Her hobby is writing song lyrics.

Which twin are you more like? I'm like Nicki more. We both dress similarly, like grunge, write (she writes songs, I write screenplays and AGDN blog posts) and have our own sets of "wheels"... while she skates, I have a adult-sized scooter! I even based my outfit today on Nicki's meet outfit.

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