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More American Girl Kit "Un-Cubing" Rumors

American Girl's rerelease of Kit is rumored to be in twelve days! With her new items coming back from the archives, one knowledgable user on the AG Playthings messageboard, "Mary Kate", revealed that Kit will be getting three new outfits and four accessories, not counting her meet outfit and accessories.

Kit's outfits have already been rumored to include her school outfit and pajamas, but I am assuming her third outfit will be her birthday outfit. This theory makes sense in my mind because Kit's birthday is May 19, about a month after Kit's rerelease, and she will be turning 100, so girls can celebrate Kit's birthday with her outfit!

Her accessories have been rumored to include her dog Grace and birthday party treats, and I can guess the rest are her school accessories and bedtime extras.

Who's excited to welcome Kit's collection back to the AG family?

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