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New American Girl Album!

In honor of their 35th anniversary, American Girl released an album of songs from their YouTube channel, titled ‘Get Up And Dance’. You can download the album (or just the songs you like from AG’s YouTube channel) on Apple Music, Spotify or wherever you stream music!

The tracklist is:

  1. Go Joss

  2. Surf’s Up Joss

  3. Courtney 1986

  4. Julie Can Change The World

  5. Maryellen Just Being Me

  6. Work It Out with Courtney

  7. Kira’s Australian Adventure

  8. Lift Your Voice with Melody

  9. Have You Ever Met Courtney

  10. Happy Birthday, American Girl

What songs did you download? I downloaded Go Joss, Courtney 1986, Julie Can Change The World and Lift Your Voice with Melody.

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