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New American Girl Corinne Tan Movie Cast Members

The new American Girl Corinne movie is releasing in just five months on Cartoon Network and HBO Max! I am especially excited for this release since I'm doing something really special when it releases- something that I've never done before.

Anyways, IMDB has added a few more cast members to the Corinne cast!

It has previously been confirmed that sisters Miya Cech (Marvelous and the Black Hole, Surfside Girls) and Kai Cech (The Longest Sleep, Marvelous and the Black Hole) will play the roles of Corinne and Gwynn, and that Michelle Krusiec (Hawaii Five-Oh, Saving Face) will play their mother Judy. However, the other cast members haven't been confirmed until now!

  • It has been confirmed that Canadian actor Jason Cermack (The 100, Zoo) will be portraying Arne Karlsson, Corinne and Gwynn's stepfather.

  • It also has been confirmed that Canadian-American actor Jason W. Wong (This Is Us, The Flash) will be portraying David Tan, Corinne and Gwynn's biological dad. I don't think Corinne's dad got a name in Corinne's books, so it's nice to learn his name's David!

  • Jessica Garcia (Batwoman, Riverdale) will portray Coach Margot, Gwynn's ice skating coach.

  • Albert Nicholas (War for the Planet of the Apes, Supernatural) will portray Trey, an original role to the movie.

That's all so far! I will let you know when more casting is announced!

Are you excited for this movie? This is honestly the most excited I've been for a movie since Avengers Endgame came out. I am so ready to get a new American Girl movie after five long years!

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