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New American Girl Truly Me Commercial on Disney Channel

Kids (or teenagers/adults who enjoy kids shows), keep an eye out for a brand-new American Girl commercial whenever you watch TV on Disney Channel or other TV networks for children. During today's Miraculous Ladybug episode on Disney Channel, a commercial for the new Truly Me dolls played during one of the commercial breaks!

I'm going to watch the episode again in a couple hours, so I'll cross my fingers that I get the ad again so I can record it and share with you guys!

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So cool!! My little sister always sees the commercials and she likes to call me over so I can watch it too (she knows I love Ag) lol 😊

Oct 22, 2022
Replying to

Awesome! I didn't know AG had a new commerical because I don't watch much TV, but it was on during the one show I do watch every week today, so I got lucky and got to post it!


so cool!! i really love how ag is expanding to television again. i'd say they're doing well in this half of the year!

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