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New American Girl Truly Me Items Teased on YouTube!

American Girl posted some new Truly Me items on their YouTube in the trailer for the umpteenth season of Dolled Up. (I've lost count.) These items are mostly themed around camping, hairstyling, and animals.

Here are the items!

An "Adopt Don't Shop" T-shirt

New pets and 2 new outfits (on 88 and Kira)

A hairstyling set and easel

Another picture of the hairstyling set, along with a mirror

Another picture of the new outfit 88 is modeling

Campfire set and new dog

New camper

Fairy costumes and face stickers

Camper and grill

These items are so cute!

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The new TM doll for Alex is SO my must-have for my collection! He’d better be released sooner with the new items shown on the AG website! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺


I found a couple of videos on the leaks (not posting them here), and the camper looks to be part of Corinne's second/last GOTY release of the year. Makes sense since Corinne goes camping in her second book.


The adopt don't shop shirt is part of Kira's new outfit supposedly. She is joining the world by us collection unless AG changed their minds. There are leaked watermarked images that have kira included in world by us with that new meet.


Yeah a lot of people are unhappy about it, because it doesn't make a lot of sense. But kira was a huge success and it comes down to what makes AG more money.


Does American Girl follow a release schedule? Like, what has been their timeline for releasing things in the past? January and September? Or something?



Eh ma gawd! That camper is a MUST-HAVE! That outfit TM88 is wearing is so cute! I literally need that outfit. That doll's got a better fashion sense than me!

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