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New Truly Me Street Chic Doll and Scooter!

American Girl surprised me by dropping not only the LoveShack Fancy collection, but also a brand new Truly Me Street Chic doll, Truly Me 92 with medium skin, brown eyes, the Classic mold and black curly hair with purple and blue highlights, her Seriously Stylish Accessories and a scooter for dolls!

Here is #92! She is so pretty! Whenever I end up getting her, I think I'll name her Amy, after Sailor Mercury in the original English dub of Sailor Moon. Her blue hair reminds me a bit of Sailor Mercury.

These are the Seriously Stylish Accessories she comes with. I think it's interesting she got her own accessories instead of the usual Street Chic accessories. These cost $35.

Lastly, this is the True Blue Scooter and Sidecar! I find this so cute and would love to make an AGSM with it. Unfortunately, it costs $98, so I probably won't be getting it anytime soon. Maybe this summer.

Are you a fan of 92? I think she's so cute, especially since she resembles 49, who is one of my favorite Truly Me dolls!

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