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New WellieWishers Book: The Princesses and the Dragon

If the release pattern that has been persisting for the past few months continues, American Girl's June release is coming soon! Several new American Girl books are releasing on June 2, the first Thursday of the month. The first one I will highlight is one of two brand new WellieWishers illustrated books, The Princesses and the Dragon.

""Let's pretend we live in a castle," says Emerson. The five WellieWishers have great fun in the castle until one day, a grumpy dragon appears outside! The girls try wishes and spells to make the dragon go away. Then Willa, who understands all animals, points out that there's one thing they haven't tried. But will it work? This story tells about the power of make-believe and how getting a new point of view can make all the difference. Includes ideas for fun activities that girls and parents can do together."

I like how they're making new WellieWishers books featuring the new meet outfits! I enjoyed the WellieWishers picture books when they were releasing, so I can't wait for the next two!

If you're a fan of the WellieWishers, keep an eye out for my next post: it'll have good news for you... even better than just a new book!

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