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New WellieWishers Boy Doll?

American Girl has been making boy dolls in their Truly Me line for quite a bit and briefly had Logan Everett, a boy character, from 2017 to 2018. But the WellieWishers have never had a boy character, or a new character to begin with, since the line's inception in June 2016.

This might all change on June 2.

"Spring has sprung in the garden, but the five friends discover it's a mess! The flower beds are weedy, the pond is mucky, and the swing is broken. Will their fairy powers be enough to clean up the garden in time for a party? Unexpectedly, the girls discover a new power—and a new friend!"

Yes, guys, there are six WellieWishers in this image.

There's a boy.

starts screaming

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