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Nicki and Isabel Hoffman Trademarked

The names Nicki and Isabel were trademarked again after Nicki and Isabel Cohen were trademarked a few weeks ago. However, it seems like American Girl has decided on a new last name for these mysterious new Jewish characters: Hoffman.

Hoffman is another last name of Jewish origin. Interestingly, Hoffman is of German origin as well, while Cohen is the most common name in Israel. I am curious to see if American Girl decided to change the character's ethnicity, because if they end up having some German heritage, it definitely was reflected in the change from Cohen to Hoffman.

I don't have any personality theories for Nicki and Isabel, but if American Girl is releasing another set of sisters, similar to Corinne and Gwynn Tan, sometime in 2023, I believe that Nicki will be the 18 inch doll and Isabel will be the WellieWisher.

cries because it's pretty much confirmed that American Girl is naming ANOTHER 18 inch doll Nicki while there already was an 18 inch Nicki FIFTEEN YEARS AGO

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