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Pastel Party Dress Sold Out

American Girl's Pastel Party Dress, which they have used for the last 2 years in spring/Easter marketing, has sold out online.

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This was the first outfit I ever bought for my first doll, so it is very special to me. The shoes go with a lot of other outfits.


Also, Julie's bed has been backordered to July 12th, her bathroom has been backordered to July 14th.

I think they will restock it


It was already sold out just before they started their Easter advertising/sale. Then it came back and I thought I might get it with my rewards, but then it sold out again! Oh well. I just think 115 looks soooo adorable in it!


wow! right after it was featured in the new catalog! :o


Yes. Was sold out a couple of weeks ago. Frustrating. It was on my wish list and I waited too long. All frustrating that it keeps showing up on FB and advertising. Ahh well. Daffodil can wear something else for Easter.

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