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Rebecca's Story: Doll of the Month October 2022

Here's a little bit about the story of Rebecca Rubin, the Doll of the Month for October 2022!

In 1914 New York City, Rebecca has dreams to become an actress. Her Russian Jewish family thinks she should be a teacher and take a more traditional path of life, but she can't help but try to use her talents to help her Russian cousins escape to America, even if it doesn't work out. Once her cousin Ana arrives in New York, she embraces having a girl her age around and wants to share everything with Ana- except for her spot in the school performance. The cousins eventually work it out, but a new problem soon arrives: she has to make Christmas decorations for class, and she celebrates Hanukkah. Rebecca finds a way to honor the assignment and respect her culture, and later on, she celebrates her birthday by visiting actor cousin Max and playing a small part in a silent movie. At the end of her book series, Rebecca finds a way to be more daring by setting out to find Ana when she gets lost in Coney Island and by protesting for worker's rights after learning about harsh factory conditions that Ana's family faces.

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