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Sydney's Filming Diary: Month 1

Over the past month and few days, I started filming my AGSM movie, Rebelle! If you've been living under a rock since August, I've been working on a PG-13 full-length AGSM movie for months now. I finally started filming last month, and since I wasn't able to think of anything else to post about today, I decided to keep a little monthly filming diary!

This month during the shoot, I've noticed that a few challenges have came my way. On one hand, my diabetes has been a pain. If my blood sugar drops at school or something, I get tired and I can't really film. If my blood sugar drops when I film, I have to end the shoot early. My diabetes has been a problem, but there's another thing that's a pain, too:

This is pretty much my spine on scoliosis. Pretty painful looking, right? Usually, my back cooperates when I film, and I just wear a brace when I do so. But sometimes when I have to lay down to film a part or film for too long, my back starts acting up. To combat this, I split the longer scenes into sections so I don't have to film for five hours straight. But sometimes it doesn't work all the way, and I have to, again, end the shoot early.

The biggest challenge for me *probably* is getting around from my mom's, where I normally live, to my dad's, where I'm filming the movie. I don't have my license yet, so I just have to get my mom or sister (sometimes) to take me to Dad's house, or Dad picks me up. It's kind of hard when everything doesn't work out on their end, but I just bear with it.

Besides this (and my camera/phone battery dying mid-shoot and a few dolly dominos), the shoot's been going good so far! I've been having so much fun and it's coming out so good. I can't wait for you all to see the movie!

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I can see in the future when you accept your first Oscar of film directing the media discussing this very post!


Oh Sydney! I also have scoliosis, but not near as severe as yours. I have an idea of what you have to go through. Can they not straighten your spine with rods? Or would Yoga help? Keep your bones as strong as possible, so you don't end up with osteoporosis, like me. Calcium, Vitamin D are most important! Bless your heart dear girl!

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