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The Early Evette Peeters Illustration Concept That Made Me Order Yet Another Doll

I found out on Instagram today that the illustrator of Evette's book, Olivia Duchess, shared early design concepts for the Evette character, then known as Daisy, on her website. She doesn't specifically note that these were Evette, but you can tell it was because of the other characters in the designs, like Evette's Gran E, who looks the same. Here are the photos!

To be completely honest, I prefer this design of Evette to the one we got. Sure, I think the current Evette looks pretty, but "Daisy" looks really beautiful as well and would be a breathtaking doll.

I loved this design so much that I made her up on the Create Your Own generator. Take a look at what Evette could have been:

Okay, I'll be honest with all of you AGDN readers... I fell in love with this doll the second she was designed and decided to actually order her with my blog money since my 17th birthday's coming up at the end of January and if I order her now, she'll probably come then! If I get Evette for Christmas, I'll name her something else (probably Sharon after her book author), because my Evette is coming home in January! Happy early birthday to me!

I love how this post transitioned from a "take a look at these early illustrations" post to "surprise guys I will order a Create Your Own of the original version of Evette when I come home from school today" post.

Thanks a lot, Instagram. You had me add yet another new doll to my massive collection.

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