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The First Chapter of Elliana's Book

Here's the first chapter of the first doll from my Special Dolls line, Elliana's e-Book!

"Woof! Woof!”, barked my dog, Maxie. She jumped onto my bed, licked my ear, and then licked my nose. “Maxie!”, I yelled. I then moved my head around my room to view the time on my alarm clock that I made a couple months ago.

I love making things with my 3D printer, and inventing in general. I have made so many things, like my prosthetic arm and normal things like toys to sell during the holiday season to make money for kids with limb differences to go to a summer camp for kids with limb differences- just like me! 2 years ago, I made a bunch of dolls for all the little girls in the neighborhood. I made a lot of cash that holiday season!

I read the clock, noticing that it said 3:42 am. I then thought, I don’t care if school doesn’t start until 8:00. I’m not wasting my time! Right then and there, I jumped out of bed, put on my prosthetic arm, robe, and sneakers, and then took Maxie out to do her business.

My eyes gazed at the night sky. I felt lucky that I was probably the only person in Hoboken, New Jersey that was awake at the time because the sky inspired me. The stars seemed so bright, showing off their shine. It made me think of how I don’t care about my prosthetic arm. To me, it’s like another star providing its own unique shine to create the bigger picture, the constellation. I wanted to sit back and look at the sky forever, but then Maxie decided to sit and bark.. “Elliana! Come on! Take me to rest!”, was what the cheeky dog was probably trying to tell me. I sadly pulled the dog up the porch to go back inside, just like she wanted.

When I got back to my room, Maxie jumped up on the bed and leapt back to sleep. Not the case for me! I got on the computer and started up the 3D Printer program. Today, I was going to try to invent a bike for myself. Most of my friends love bike rides because it’s something that they can do naturally. All they have to do is get out their bike, put on their helmet, and they’re off. But it’s a bit harder for me because of my prosthetic- filament isn’t the most reliable material to hold on tight to. To solve this problem, I would put a basket with a buckle near the seat of the bike. Then, I would add a hole for my arm, put my little arm in the basket, buckle it and I’d be off!

On my laptop, I opened the file that someone already made of a bike basket. From there, I adjusted it to fit my arm, with a hole it would go through. Then I hit Print, and the magic was starting! It would only be done after I got home from school the next day, but it would be worth the wait. After all, I needed to have something to get me through the next few days!

For the rest of the morning until 7am- when I really HAVE to get up- I cuddled with Maxie and coded my new video game for coding club. I was the only girl, which wasn’t a big deal. The thing that had potential to be the bigger deal, though, was that I was the only kid in coding club (and the school, for that matter) with a prosthetic arm. But most students were used to it, so it wasn’t a big deal.

The game I made was both for coding club and for my social studies project. It was about World War 2 and rationing, and you had to collect the rations you needed before time- and the rations- ran out. It was sure to be a big hit, considering I ran the school’s Unblocked Games site and the most popular game on the site happened to be my own creation- Flying Dogs. There, you had to pick your dog and race it against a computer playing as Maxie. The whole Unblocked Games site, for that matter, was my games- but all of Hoboken Elementary didn’t mind.

I was busy at work on the game when I heard a knock on the door. I yelled, “Who’s there?”

The person who came into my room was my mom. “Elliana Ellington, will I have to swim across the entire Hudson River for you to not get up so early? Your teacher just sent me an email telling me to make sure you get up at 7, like you are supposed to!”

“Sorry, Mom. Maxie woke me up to do her business.”


“Six-thirty am!”

“You get goosebumps when you lie.” I looked at my body, noticing I did have goosebumps on my real arm.

“FINE! 3:42 AM! I did a lot, though!”

“Games are for after school, after homework.”

I would’ve argued with my mom all day, but she was very passionate about schoolwork, because she dropped out of college and regretted it. Nobody took her for a well-paying job, so she created her own department store, Elliana’s. She pretty much preaches the message “Don’t drop out of school! Go to college!” to me. I’d pay attention during school, but none of it’s ever interesting for me. Except Coding Club, which meets every Thursday. Wait a second… today’s Thursday!

Remembering this, I burst out of my bed, spooking Maxie out of my room, and ran to my mom’s room, where my outfit for the day was all laid out: a teal T-shirt with ruffles and a pink heart, purple shorts and black shoes. I quickly got dressed, brushed out my hair and teeth, and ran downstairs, where a bowl of cereal was waiting for me. I gobbled it down, drank my milk and grabbed my backpack. I was about to head out the door when I realized I forgot something.

My laptop! I could NOT go to school without my school laptop. I prefered my laptop at home, which has high speed internet, a light feel but strong protection and a touch screen, but I was stuck with my ever so slow fifth-grade laptop with no touch screen. It also happened to be really heavy and broke a lot. I stuffed my laptop in my heavy backpack and dashed out the door, just in time for the bright yellow school bus to pull onto my street.

“The new episode of Spoiled Rich Kids is tonight!”, squealed my best friend Lucille. She is obsessed with all reality TV shows, and when she has spare time she watches Reality, her favorite TV channel. Correction- I made a playlist of all her favorite reality TV shows inserted with random commercials, called it Reality, and inserted it on Channel 1 of Lucille’s TV. Because nobody uses Channel 1. Why do they start with Channel 2? Anyways, I said, “And guess who’ll be busy putting it on Reality after it’s over? Me!” Lucille smiled. “Elli, you’re the best!” (Only Lucille calls me Elli.) I smiled back. Right then, Lucille’s brown eyes drooped down. A freckle-faced girl with the curliest red hair and the biggest blue eyes walked on the bus, right by me and Lucille. Her name was Eden, and she was a new girl from England. She was really mean to Lucille and mean to me, too. As she sat down, she turned around and said in her British accent, “Well, look what the cat dragged in. Or should I say robot?” and laughed with her best friend, Raelyn. I rolled my eyes and said, “Cut it out, Eden! Stopped being mean to Lucille!” Raelyn said, “You are trying to be nice to your best friend. But at least she has a regular arm!”

It took all my courage to not get out of the doors.

You can read the rest and buy the Elliana doll at

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Corrine tan
Corrine tan
Feb 05, 2020

This is great!! You shuld make a Lucille doll too!


This is a wonderful first chapter to this story. I wonder what the second chapter will be like.


Feb 05, 2020

i like it! :D


I have an idea for a special doll.

Her name is Omani Johnston she is 13 and what makes her special is that

she has a condition that affects her blood called sickle cell anemia.

She will also be one of the special dolls of color.

She is from Tacoma WA, and was originally born in West Africa. She was 2 months old when her parents adopted her.personality wise, she is a skilled martial artist. In her story she had to miss an important martial arts exam due to her having to get a blood transfusion in the hospital. Though Omani has her fair share of setbacks, adoptive parents and friends are always by her side every step of the…

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