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We Need An American Girl Doll Who...

Online, there's been "we need an American Girl doll who..." memes circulating. Some of them are pretty inappropriate for a younger audience, and most are targeted towards teenagers and young adults around my age or older where the younger people on my blog wouldn't get the jokes, but some examples include "We need an American Girl doll who filed for unemployment during the pandemic" and "We need an American Girl doll who wrote fanfiction on Wattpad."

In light of this meme, me and my sister sat down and came up with our "realistic, American Girl might actually do this, it sounds like a 9-10 year old girl" ideas!

We need an American Girl doll who...

  • Lived during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Beekeeps

  • Lived during the Industrial Revolution

  • Moves from the country to the city

  • Does karate

  • Collects rocks

  • Has two moms or two dads

  • Lived during the 1990s

  • Runs a DIY YouTube channel in 2015

  • Was an extra in a Netflix romcom

  • Is the president's daughter

  • Saw the Statue of Liberty when it was being built

  • Was adopted and searches for her biological parents

  • Reviews toys on YouTube

  • Golfs in her spare time

  • Plays tennis

  • Does improv

  • Plays hockey

  • Skateboards

  • Does archery

  • Is a fangirl in 2014

What would be your dream American Girl doll?

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