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What American Girl Dolls Have I Brought To College So Far?

This is a bit of a sillier post than usual, I guess, but I thought it would be interesting to share. For the last three months, I have been attending college in person in Nashville, and instead of having my army of over a hundred dolls nearby at all times, I've had to settle for one doll at a time most times (unless I'm on break). But I thought it would be interesting if I listed what dolls I brought to college and why so far!

  • September 2023: Well, I wasn't really in college back in September - if some of you may recall, I was away at therapy and my sister was running the blog for me at the beginning. But I had to bring a doll! I brought Kavi, because the plan was that because Lila was supposed to release when I was still in the therapy program, AG would send a Lila to where I was staying. I thought it would be nice for Kavi and Lila to meet - but even though I ended up coming home early - a few days before Lila debuted - Lila still got to meet Kavi!

  • October 2023: My first real week at college was right after Lila came out - so of course I had to bring her! I had her around from my first week in college up until Thanksgiving break.

  • December 2023: In the stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I decided to bring Nicki Hoffman. Over Thanksgiving break, I was lucky enough to catch American Girl: Live in Concert, and since Madison, the main character in the concert, owned a Nicki Hoffman doll, I figured it would be cool to bring her!

  • January 2024: Kavi's pretty lucky, because after winter break, I brought her back to college with me after spending therapy with me! Since I already brought Lila in October, I figured I'd bring Kavi since her year was officially over after being cut short with Lila's release.

So, yeah! That's who I've brought to college so far! The next time I'm coming back home is in mid-February, and I can't wait to see my other dolls and choose who's coming back to the dorm with me then!

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