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What Is The Last New Truly Me?

As the rumors are saying, there will be at least 4 new Truly Me dolls released soon. The first three have had at least rumors of their appearance circulate, with one actually appearing in promo photos for the American Girl Pet Daycare and Spa. But while thinking about their rumored appearances in class, I was wondering - what does the last one even look like? We have a confirmed 88 rework, a rumored medium-skinned Josefina mold, a rumored dark-skinned Josefina mold - and then, a theory hit me.

A natural hair colored (like blond or brown or red) light-skinned doll in either the Marie-Grace, Joss or even Jess mold was missing from that list.

So maybe ... that could be the last new Truly Me? Who knows, but I figured I'd share!

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