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What to Expect from American Girl in 2023

2023 is now in full swing, and Kavi has been out for two weeks now! But while her release marked a start of a new year, what else can we expect from American Girl in 2023? Here's a peek:

  • Brand new historicals (and a focus on historicals)

Even with the launches of Claudie and Corinne, everyone can agree 2022 was the year of Truly Me with the massive relaunch in September. This year, however, should be the historical character's time to shine! Two 90s themed characters, rumored to be Jewish-American twins Isabel and Nicki Hoffman, are set to release on February 22, and Claudie will receive her second book, Adventures with Claudie, and new items in the summer. Hopefully this means we get more historical things for other characters, or maybe even a relaunch of a historical like Molly had back last summer.

  • Movie magic

The first American Girl of the Year movie since Lea to the Rescue, titled American Girl: Corinne Tan, was supposed to release last December, but due to delays it didn't get released. However, we should be finally getting it this year, and Corinne will finally get her big-screen moment! A movie for 2023 was also announced to be in the works- could we also be getting a Kavi movie?

  • More Truly Me items

The relaunch of Truly Me means a lot more new opportunities for items and adventures as AG slowly phases out the old outfits and accessories and replaces them with new ones. Mini-releases usually happened on the first Tuesday of the month, so I'll start keeping my eyes peeled on the site for those!

  • A few big anniversaries

American Girl will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the hit book The Care And Keeping of You this year, and will be rerelasing the books. But 2023 also marks the thirtieth anniversary of Addy's release and the fifteenth anniversary of the theatrical Kit movie... could we be seeing anniversary stuff for those, too?

  • Maybe more collaborations...

A big focus of 2022's releases were collaborations with other brands. This could continue in 2023, but we will see!

  • Less big playsets?

American Girl has been putting big-ticket items on sale more often than usual. AG could be moving away from more big items and focus more on smaller playsets, kind of like how Kavi's big item was sold as a trunk and then a backstage set that was cheaper than any GOTY BTI since Gabriela.

  • The rise of "journals"

Kavi comes with a journal telling her story in a visual format, and Nicki and Isabel could be too considering that books haven't been listed for them. This could be a new tradition for the newer dolls.

What do you see happening in 2023 for AG?

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