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What Was The #1 Movie On the Contemporary Character’s Birthdays?

I was curious to see what the number 1 movie was on each of the Contemporary Character's birthdays, so I did some research... and here they are!

Saige (10/8/03)- School of Rock

Lea (8/14/05)- Four Brothers

Grace (09/17/05)- Just Like Heaven

Luciana (5/15/06)- Mission Impossible 3

Blaire (3/18/09)- Race to Witch Mountain

Joss (4/14/10)- Clash of the Titans

Kira (9/13/10)- Resident Evil: Afterlife

Maritza (4/10/08)- Prom Night

Evette (7/14/08)- Hancock

Makena (8/25/08)- Tropic Thunder

Corinne (9/13/11)- Contagion

Have you seen any of the movies on this list? I've seen only one- Mission Impossible 3, which was #1 when Luciana was born.

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