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Not an American Girl doll post. A Miraculous post. But it's an important one because why else would I be talking about Miraculous on my AG blog?

Imagine your favorite movie without the actors who are in it. That's just a pile of nothing. Now imagine your favorite cartoon without any voices. There's just a bunch of characters walking around without saying anything. Now imagine said cartoon with terrible voice acting. That would be a trainwreck.

I and the rest of the Miraculous fans are lucky that Miraculous has such an amazing voice cast. On Instagram and at comic cons, they've been nothing but the absolute sweetest to me. Over the years, they've posted my memes on their stories, commented and liked on my posts- heck, even Mela Lee (Tikki) followed me! The ones that I've been lucky enough to meet at comic cons were so kind, and I'll never forget the time when Cristina Vee (Marinette/Ladybug) waved to me twice or when Faye Mata (Kagami/Ryuko) stayed to sign my autograph book when I was late for her signing. They're so talented, too, and I love them a lot!

Unfortunately, the production company behind Miraculous has been underpaying their voice actors despite them making millions off the show and it being the number one children's program in several countries. It's gotten so bad that several voice actors asked for a raise, and when the producers refused, they decided to leave the show.

I feel really bad for the actors whose talent makes Miraculous so special, so I created a petition to help them get a raise! You can sign here!

And if you're looking at this, Jeremy Zag... pay up.

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