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Welcome to American Girl Doll News!

My name is Sydney Satalino (she/her), I'm 18, and I'm seemingly your average young adult filmmaker. I spend way too much time overachieving in the film world, but while film is my career, one of the biggest passions of my life are my American Girl dolls.

I became an AG fan in 2013 after finding my sister's dolls with a friend and playing with them with her. Soon after, I became sucked in the world of American Girl, and even found myself looking at now-defunct doll news sites trying to learn more about the 2014 Girl of the Year. In January 2014, I started both this blog and my YouTube channel, which started as an AGTube but now serves as my film channel along with doll content, with the aim of spreading my love of these dolls to the world. A few months later, I studied the techniques that uncovered Isabelle (GOTY 2014)'s name early, and found a name that could potentially be Girl of the Year 2015: Grace Thomas, which ended up being it. I posted about it, and the post gained more popularity than my 9 year old self could imagine, so I turned this blog into full-time American Girl doll news.

Since then, I have posted thousands of posts about American Girl news like new dolls, products, sales, rumors, theories and more. I have also visited various American Girl stores hundreds of times, gone to the American Girl Benefit Sale in 2017 and the American Girl Live musical in 2019, and have gotten several free books, dolls and products from American Girl and partners like Scholastic. Oh- and I was featured on the 2021 Girl of the Year reveal for Kira Bailey on Good Morning America!

My posts have been featured in media outlets like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Today, NBC, Bloomberg, Smithisonian Magazine, Glamour, Romper, Popsugar, LGBTQ Nation. and AOL and have garnered millions of impressions since 2014. 

I have over 175 dolls in my personal collection, which consists of every American Girl doll ever made. I keep most of them in a doll room I have at my dad's house, which serves as both a workroom for my film stuff and a display place for my prized possessions: my dolls!

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