2 NEW American Girl Doll Names! (Could They Be GOTY 2022?)

Updated: Aug 13

There could be a first in the history of American Girl in the making: two sisters, twins, or cousins with the same last name could be the Girls of the Year for 2022! It's around Girl of the Year trademarking time, so this could be it... if American Girl wants to try something new, I'm all for it!

The names are Corinne and Gwynn Tan!

Corinne is a French name that means "maiden". Gwynn is a Welsh name that means "blessed".

Tan is a common Chinese surname, but also is Vietnamese and Thai, as well. It seems like the Tan sisters (or twins, or cousins) have a lot of cultures in the mix- I can't pinpoint one exactly, but it seems like they'll be Asian- which is way overdue since we haven't had a GOTY of Asian descent since Kanani (who was 1/4 Japanese) and not a single one of full Asian descent yet.

What do you think? Are you excited that there are two dolls coming that are related to each other? I'm excited that AG's commitment to diversity may extend beyond the World By Us line, but my original hunch was that we'd get a Black GOTY for 2022 that wasn't a copy-and-paste of #46 (Gabriela, as much as I love you, that is an issue.) Maybe this guess is completely wrong and this is for World By Us, or even the historical line, and the GOTY's name hasn't been trademarked yet! Who knows?

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