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Doll Detectives On Duty!

Hi, it’s Isabelle. I am the Girl of the Year for this year (the highest honor a doll can get!) and also a doll detective. You think a Girl of the Year is sad when she gets retired. Well, I will, but I love trademark searching! And typing my evidence to the world! If you don’t like spoilers, then don’t read this, as this contains spoilers on next year’s GOTY. Otherwise, read on.

So, I was searching trademarks on AG on Trademarkia, and I got a huge discovery. American Girl has trademarked names not used by dolls or Innerstar University characters! Here are the names:

Emmy (It had no last name available, so I think that this is GOTY 2015!)

Grace Thomas (Sounds pretty historical… I think this will be used for a 1950’s historical)

News flash: We have 2 names so far! Please check another trademark website for more evidence! Which name do you want for GOTY 2015, Emmy or Grace?


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