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Creating My Website

I don’t know why it took a day to post the website! Probally because I was so busy with 4th of July stuff. We have a lot to talk about! How Caroline survived the fireworks, when Kit touched a crab at the aquarium, when Ivy did silly disguises at the barbeque, even when Julie ate a hamburger, macaroni salad, potato chips and potatoes and still had room for 2 cookies! Now, lets move on.

On the front page, I put a link to a site where you could find all the PBS affiliates email addresses. I put why Martha Speaks should be renewed, and even put a YouTube video of the best Martha Speaks episode, “Bye Bye, Burger Boy”! On the about page, I did a list of reasons why Martha Speaks should be renewed and even a letter template! It took 3 hours to make it, 1 hour for home, and 2 hours for about! To check it out, go to



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