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Day of Pink

There will be a LARGE PROTEST about BeForever and friend archiving tomorrow. Me and Ruthie created the Day of Pink (NOT THE DAY OF BEIGE ALL OVER AGAIN, ITS ABOUT BEFOREVER THIS TIME) because we needed a huge peak on the petition. We didn’t get any signatures in 3 days! We want to really show the world that its about friends and history, not too much pink and no point. It wont be a bunch of owners and dolls standing in front of the AG Headquarters, it will be a online protest. We will post something about the protest, you comment about why you don’t want BeForever, give us a link to your blog, and post something about the protest. If you have a Instagram, hashtag your photos with #agdayofpink2014. Make the caption about why you don’t want BeForever, and the photo of AG dolls holding signs about no BeForever (make sure they are wearing ALL pink!). You can also do a AGTube video about the protest, and have the thoughts about BeForever on the description Make sure you share it to SM Jean or, so it can get counted. When the day is over, we will send all the thoughts over to American Girl by a email.

Hope you do it,


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