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New friends!

My name is Felicity. I just arrived in this house yesterday, with some other of my sisters, Kaya and Anna. A week ago, we and our other sisters Kit, Kailey and Samantha were in the closet, gathering dust. Then now, we are free! Me, Kaya, Anna and Kit came our old owner’s friend’s house. Her sister, our new owner, loves American Girl and is 9, so it’s perfect. Her best friend loves AG too. Well, me, Kaya and Anna came to stay. Our new owner already has a Kit doll, so her best friend got to keep our old sister and renamed her Riley after the girl from Girl Meets World. Kailey and Samantha are still at the “Emergency Hair Salon” at the old house, because they aren’t done yet. I think Kailey is coming to stay here and Samantha is going with the best friend because Ivy looks a LOT like Samantha.

For proof:

Yeah. That much. And the best friend thinks she has too many blondes. Bye!



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