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How To Be A Super Doll Detective

For finding out the name, I do recommend and Trademarkia has all the names and logos AG trademarked, and will be a good process of elimination as names get abandoned. The Library of Congress has book info uncensored!

2: For finding out the plot, I recommend, and Amazon has the books avalible for pre-order and also has the plot of each book there, but the BIG SPOILERS are censored. Like, last year, they censored “Designs by Isabelle” with “GOTY 2014 Book 2” And they censor the names with “GOTY”. Like I said in the last column, does not censor the spoilers, because it is government protocol, and they can’t censor anything when it comes to government protocol. The American Girl site has a site announcing debut events for the GOTY, and the events have to do with her interests.

3: For finding out about her looks, I think that you should look on Google Images and Instagram for leaked photos. I also think that the YouTube channel DeenaandBeena and the blog DollDiaries are good sources too. I also recommend because the people who won the parts obviously look like the doll counterparts. I also think that the Chinese version of Ebay, TaoBao, is a good place to find all the leaks, because Chinese sellers always sell things.

And, lastly, keep checking our site for everything AG news!


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