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Let's Play A Game!

The game is not Guess the Fake Goty. This is, “YOUR OUT IF…”! The rules are, there are 10 sentences that say Your out if blah blah blah. For example, “You are out if you are wearing a dress.” Everyone who is wearing a dress is out of the game. It continues until the end of the post. At the end of the post, comment if you won or when you got eliminated. Ok, here goes!

Your out if you have a Best Friend doll (Cecile and Marie Grace are not counted. Same for Sonali and Gwen.)

Your out if your TV carries 2 channel that are in a different language.

Your out if you are wearing pink.

Your out if you have a MAG that came with the Star Hoodie Outfit.

Your out if you have a custom doll.

Your out if you have all the pieces in Isabelle’s Mix n Match Outfit 20 (Wrap sweater, rosette leo, sparkly skort, legwarmers)

Your out if you have a white bodied doll.

Your out if you have Julie.

Your out if you bought a doll from eBay once.

Your out if you know the double axel.


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