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I just got off the phone with American Girl. I asked the girl on the other line (I forget her name, but her name started with a R.) 10 questions about American Girl. Here they are!

How many calls do you get every day?- Thousands

How do you make the Girl of the Year every year- Marketing department does it

How do the dolls hold items in the catalogue?- They can do it on their own.

How do the GOTYs leak?- Someone who works at American Girl or Mattel must’ve leaked it.

People keep telling me that the wigs are made of horse hair. Is that true?- No.

Is American Girl a good company to work for?- Yes.

Is Caroline retiring?- We don’t know yet.

How do you make the big items?- I actually don’t know!

Do you know about American Girl StopMotions?- No.

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