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Save Me!

NO! Hi, it’s Caroline, and yesterday was the worst day ever. I got an F on my essay on the Civil War, I got silent lunch at school, I had to go to the principals office for not cooperating with Lanie in class, I had to stay home to clean up the Book Fair and set up for tonight’s art gallery, and when I finally get home I figure out I’m the r word that I don’t want to say. RETIRING! I tried to save Ruthie and 3 other dolls last year, and I got about fifty signs, but BeForever still came. And everything went as planned. Well, if you guys sign the petition to stop American Girl from retiring me (they’d have only 8 dolls in BeForever still after counting Maryellen and my retiring, and in early 2013, they had Kaya, me, Josefina, Cecile, Marie-Grace, Addy, Rebecca, Kit, Ruthie, Molly, Emily, Julie and Ivy. That’s 13 dolls! And I’ve only been around for barely 3 years. How does that make sense?) and give me more signs, hopefully AG will take notice. So if you want to save me, bring back all the archived charecters, and stop other dolls from getting retired, sign this petition!

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