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American Girl Name Meanings!

Addy- noble

Caroline- free man, strong Cecile- blind Chrissa- follower of Christ Elizabeth- religious oath Emily- rival Felicity- happy, lucky Grace- grace Gwen- fair Isabelle- my oath is God Ivy- name from nature Jess- jasmine Josefina- the Lord adds; Jehovah increases Julie- youthful Kailey- slim and fair; darling, beloved; slender Kanani- the beautiful one Kaya- restful place, yew tree, forgiveness Kirsten- follower of Christ Kit- pure; follower of Christ Lanie- path, roadway Lindsey- Lincoln’s marsh; island of linden trees

Marie-Grace- ? Marisol- of the sea Maryellen- ? McKenna- daughter of the handsome one Mia- mine, bitter Molly- bitter Nellie- bright, shining one Nicki- people of victory Rebecca- servant of God Ruthie- ? Saige- wise, healthy Samantha- told by God Sonali- ?

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