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Today is My Day!

I'm having a lucky leak day today. I found some more outfits! Will I succeed in the mission to find Lea?

This first outfit is a green-trimmed bathrobe with crazy prints. It is paired with the Truly Me meet flats, but all Chinese sellers like to do that, right?

I don't like this bathrobe. I hope it's just a prototype/factory reject. I'd never buy it even if it was on sale for a penny.

The next item- 30th Anniversary Mini Maryellen popped up again! She is wearing her birthday dress and comes in a ponytail. She also comes with a stand with her name and year on it.

I really like the doll, but since the birthday dress is my least favorite outfit from her collection, I think I'd buy the regular mini. I'd still buy this mini if she was on sale!

The last outfit is a purple top with mint stripes and simple pink pants. It also comes with blue tennis shoes.

I like the top and pants, but those shoes look like they're from Our Generation/Journey Girls/My Life As, etc. I'd buy the outfit, lose one shoe (because half of my outfits only have one shoe and they become useless) and then I'd be happy.

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