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"Graduating" from Wordpress isn't as easy as you think. I wasn't able to save all of my old posts, but I'll post Melody photos from last week here:

A Melody doll is wearing Melody's Play Outfit, which consists of two blue hairbows held on by scrunchies, a tank top with colors from "Fruit Stripe" Gum, which was a brand of gum that launched in early 1969. The tank top is held on by elastics and has pink yarn tassles. The shorts are chambray blue and have working pockets. The shoes are white flats with bows on them. Melody is seen sitting on a plastic chair with a blue, green, yellow and white design on the chair. The chair looks foldable and is accompanied by a table that has a metal bingo spinner, four BINGO cards, a assortment of red plastic tokens, and food. The food is two hot dogs with mustard on them on two white paper napkins, a green bottle of soda, a white cup of fizzing soda, a apple pie with a patchword design, and a plain pie. The sign on the green table is held on by two corsages of fake flowers, and it reads "Make Our" in blue, "Neighborhood" in yellow and "Bloom!" in red. In the background is a silver microphone on a silver square stand. The microphone has the American Girl Star on it. There is also a yellow piano with working keys in the background, and the piano is held on by 2 sliver sticks.

Melody is wearing her pajamas. Her pajamas consist of a blue star-print top with pink buttons in the middle, two hairbows held on by srunchies, matching blue star-print shorts, and blue flats. Her dog, Bojangles, is a white furry stuffed dog with black ears and a blue tied collar. Her bed features a yellow blanket with orange stiching and a orange clover design with a yellow dot in the middle. The reverse side of the blanket has reversed colors. Her bedroom accessories feature three posters of some kind, a "The Secret Garden" book with a green cover, a blue hair net with golden plastic tassels, a brown shelf with a red plaid pattern on the doors, and a green radio with a white netted soundwave, and a white tuner with a golden knob.

Melody is wearing a golden dress with a pink flower design and a longer filling. Her shoes are  pink sandals with a pink strap and three cutouts on both shoes that show off Melody's brown skin. Her gloves are plain dainty white with trim on them. She is wearing a black hair extension that makes her hair poof like famous Motown singers of her day, and she is wearing a pink headband with a bow and a faux flower, and the headband is plastic. Melody is inside her recording studio, which features green and red walls and a window so other dolls can look at Melody. There is a music stand with a metal base and song lyrics. Melody is holding a orange tambourine with metal shakers. There is a plastic hanging microphone where Melody can record herself singing. There are also green headphones with black on the inside that Melody can put on when she is recording her music. The floor is wooden and features brown bricks.

The Melody Ellison doll features brown eyes, dark skin and the Sonali mold. She has bangs and shoulder length, thick black hair that is flipped at the ends. Her arms and legs can be posed, and her head can move from side to side. Her eyes open and close as you lay her down and pick her up. Her meet outfit includes a green plaid dress with a blue collar on the front. Also, there is a big bow on her dress, as well as two smaller bows on the sides. She will come with a blue headband (not pictured) with a bow on it. Her socks are white and can scrunch up from the start of her feet to her knees. Her shoes are blue flats with a black bottom and have blue bows on them as well. Her meet accessories consist of a blue beret-style hat which is made out of felt, a patriotic colored pin that says, "Equal Rights '63", a blue purse with a bow on it that has a Velcro closure and blue striped sunglasses.

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