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American Girl Charlotte Photos!

I took photos of the new release at the AGP Charlotte last week and forgot to post them until today.

This display shows off the new Spirit Squad Outfit from American Girl ($28). It is shown on #33 and #62. In the middle is the pomperanian puppy that was sold at Costco exclusively and got released on it's own last week. The picture also has the new Doll Sports book in the front.

This display shows off the Spirit Squad Outfit, the Pomperanian Puppy and the Doll Sports book. I already have the Pomperanian, as a friend got it for me from Costco for my tenth birthday last year, but I changed my mind about the new cheerleading outfit. It actually is good quality and I might ask for it for Christmas.

This display shows off the Stars And Stripes Set, the Apricot Poodle Puppy (not new) and the Doll Sports book. I got the puppy for Christmas last year and I adore her. I am asking for the Stars and Stripes set for Christmas, because it is awesome! Swimming and gymnastics in one is awesome.

This display shows off Lea's new stuff, the celebration outfit and the beach picnic set. I already have the celebration outfit and love it (highly reccomended). The beach picnic set is cute, I might get it.

Ta-da! The new releases.

QUESTION OF THE POST: Did you get anything from the release?

My answer: I did! I got Lea's Celebration Outfit.

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