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Notlim Taylor Interview!

I found my interview with Notlim Taylor (Ella in Grace Stirs Up Success) from January on Instagram DM! YAY! If any of you read my blog back then, you can look again, but if you are new to the AGDN gang, you can read this! (AGDN- Me and NT-Notlim Taylor)

ADGN: What was your reaction to getting the role of Ella?

NT: I was so excited to be apart of such an exciting project. It sounded like it would be an amazing experience! I loved the characters- they reminded me of my friends in real life. And I even made new friends on set, which was great!

ADGN: What was your favorite scene to film?

NT: My favorite scene was when we all work together to fix the bakery! And seeing Bonbon.

AGDN: Do you have a Grace doll?

NT: I have 2

AGDN: Did you actually make all of the cupcakes in the bake sale scene?