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New Truly Me Pajamas!

I found these pajamas on the f106884 eBay account.

These pajamas are inspired by the Pomeranian Puppy that was debuted in 2014 as a Costco exclusive and released a couple of weeks ago in stores and online.

The top is green and has a picture of the Pomeranian puppy.

The pants are pawprint and have elastic at the end.

The slippers have a embroidered Pomeranian face on them.

These are a set of elastic hairbands.

I love everything about the outfit except for the slippers. Once it's out, I'll buy the set, lose one slipper (then it would become useless), and then YAY! Happiness.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are you on summer vacation? If not, what day do you get out of school?

MY ANSWER: I don't get out until June 9th.

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