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Wellie Wishers Books!

I found the images for the Wellie Wishers books.

The first one is called The Riddle Of The Robin, and it's about the redhead, who's name is Willa.

"A robin has moved into the garden, and the Wellie Wishers couldn’t be more excited! As they care for the robin, they learn new things about what birds like to do and eat. But one day, the robin disappears! Will the girls be able to find the robin and his secret? Animal-lover Willa is on the case! This story tells how Willa learns to take lead and that things are not always what they seem! Includes fun activities for girls and parents to do together."

Here is a peek inside of the book.

The next book is called The Muddily-Puddily Show. It is about the Chinese-American Wellie Wisher, who's name is Emerson. No, not from Rockstar13studios.

"The Wellie Wishers are putting on a show, and Emerson is in charge! There are lots of good ideas – but some need work. Ashlyn can’t see inside her pumpkin costume, Willa has a touch of stage-fright, and Kendall has no idea how to make weather effects onstage! Will Emerson learn to take direction so the show can go on? This story tells how Emerson learns to listen and that by working together, everyone can shine! Includes fun activities for girls and parents to do together."

Here is a peek inside the book:

The last book is called Ashlyn's Unsurprise Party, and is about the Wellie Wisher who is tan, Ashlyn.

"When Camille loses two teeth in one day, Ashlyn decides to cheer up her friend by throwing a party. The party is meant to be a secret so the other WellieWishers will be surprised too, but a rainstorm and other woes are on the horizon! Will Ashlyn accept help from her friends in order to get everything done? This story tells how Ashlyn learns to rely on others and that good friends can be the best surprise of all! Includes fun activities for girls and parents to do together."

Here is a peek inside the book:

I think these books are cute! I would have liked them when I was younger. I'm glad American Girl are finally catering to the market that are too old for Bitty Babies but not young enough for a full-size American Girl doll. It makes me sad when I see a 4 year old carry around a doll with terrible hair. I might get Willa and rename her Beverly to act as Maryellen's little sister.

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could make one thing leak pronto, what would you choose?

MY ANSWER: Tenney's collection.

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