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Hump Day Shoutout!

Today felt like a Friday because all we did at school today was help my teacher take down decorations and play on a math site, but it is a Wednesday because we have tests tomorrow, Friday and Tuesday! (For all of you non-American friends, Monday is our national holiday Memorial Day, so there is no school. If you are American, then you probably know why we have off Monday.) And today felt like a Monday because Miraculous Ladybug wasn't nominated for a Teen Choice Award. And Family Guy was.

The shoutout is going to this week:

Cockeysville, Maryland!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What's the number one thing on earth besides anything related to American Girl?

MY ANSWER: The outdoors. I just successfully got a recycling bin in my school for the upcoming school year! Too bad I won't be there next year.... gotta go, I have to write a email to the principal of my future school!

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