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New PJs For Truly Me Or Tenney Grant, GOTY 2017!

I found these flower-print pajamas on f106884's eBay account. I think they might be for Tenney Grant, GOTY 2017.

These pajamas are really cute! I might get them. Here are the slippers...

I haven't been liking AG slippers lately, so this set is a breath of fresh air for me!

Overall, I love this set! I will get it when it comes out. Maybe Tenney has a thing for flowers! First the bunch of flowers, next the dog, and now the pajamas set! The seller didn't post the back of the outfit. I will post the tag when it leaks!

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend? (If you don't live in America, what are you doing this weekend?)

MY ANSWER: I'm staying home and filming and blogging and reading! My only real plan is to go to the Rooms To Go sale tomorrow for a bunk bed.

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