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My Girl Of The Year Predictions! GOTYs 2018-2027!

I'm just crazy to start thinking about GOTY 2018, and I'm much more crazy to start thinking about GOTY 2027. But, I was bored, so I decided to go ahead and predict the dolls!

I'm only predicting looks, because I built generators based on even-and-odd yeared GOTY patterns and my knowledge of heredity and genetics from school for fun. "And to study for the Science EOG, too."

GOTY 2018:

In other words, Nellie with blond hair and green eyes. I'd totally get her.

My age and grade in 2018: 13 years old, 7th-8th grade

GOTY 2019:

In other words, #33 with brown eyes and medium skin. Even though I just LOVE medium skin and red hair and brown eyes, this edit wasn't that good. If it looked different while having the same features, I'd totally get her. But otherwise, no.

My age and grade in 2019: 14 years old, 8th-9th grade (woah, high school!)

GOTY 2020:

In other words, Maryellen with a grayish attempt at brown eyes and caramel hair. I love this doll so much!

My age and grade in 2020: 15 years old, 9th-10th grade

GOTY 2021:

In other words, Julie with hazel eyes and caramel hair. THERE. IS. SO. MUCH. CARAMEL. HAIR. BEING. GENERATED. I'm lovin' it!

My age and grade in 2021: 16 years old (I'd be allowed to get a DRIVER'S LICENSE!), 10th-11th grade

GOTY 2022:

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In other words, #44 with blue eyes. I feel that she is a bit too similar to Summer (my #44 doll), but I still adore this doll!

My age and grade in 2022: 17 years old, 11th-12th (WOAH, keep it one step at a time, I'm graduating elementary school in about a week) grade

GOTY 2023:

In other words, #46 with blue eyes and a new medium-dark skin tone. THIS DOLL IS AMAZING AHH!

My age and grade in 2023: 18 years old, 12th grade to film school year 1

GOTY 2024:

In other words, McKenna with brown hair and hazel eyes. OMGEE I LOVE HER EYES.

My age and grade in 2024: 19 years old, Film school years 1 and 2

GOTY 2025:

In other words, Lea with brown hair, blue eyes and I don't know if you can see them freckles. Any doll with Lea's skin tone is perfection. Just saying.

My age and grade in 2025: 20 years old, Film school years 2 and 3

GOTY 2026:

In other words, GOTY 2021 with medium skin. I don't know what to say. It looks like something American Girl would never do.

My age and grade in 2024: 21 years old, Film school years 3 and 4

GOTY 2027:

In other words, Grace with red hair and hazel eyes. A perfect finale. That's all I can say.

My age and grade in 2027: 22 years old, Film school year 4 and FREEDOM! No more school! I'm a certified director! Where's my Oscar?

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you could get any of these dolls, who would you get?

MY ANSWER: I'd get 2024 and 2027. If I had to pick just one, than probably 2024.

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